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     The place where one can relax while staying in the pilgrimage town of Pakil. It offers high quality services at reasonable prices for     customers.   Its   about  a  3 minute walk to  the church and about  5 minutes to the       Turumba    swimming pool. It has    beautiful rooms  with countryside amenities like  a  laundry facility, dining area and  a  sala  just in your own home. Its a home away from home.

address: rizal street pakil,laguna
for reservations:
pls. call (049)557-1250
(10:00am to 10:00pm only)


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beatles.jpg (43439 bytes) THE BEATLES PLACE

A great place to dine in Pakil. They serve a wide variety of native dishes. The food is good and the ambience is great. It is an open - air restaurant which makes it feel comfortable and relaxing.

address: baño street pakil,laguna
phone no: (049) 5571250


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Events & Festivals
April and May
· Viernes Santo
· Turumba Festival
· Comedia – on certain days only· Flores de Mayo
· Ahunan sa Ping - As
11:00 am – Foot tour of the Church
12:00 nn – Buffet Lunch at the Beatle’s Place
2:00 pm – Demo of Pakil Handicrafts
3:00 pm – Bahay Kubo Immersion
4:00 pm – Dan Dalena’s Art Gallery
5:00 pm - Free time
7:00 pm - Buffet Dinner
8:00 pm – Harana
9:00 pm – Band music 
6:30 am – Breakfast Buffet
7:30 am – Mountain hike to Ping- As – Dip in “Panghulo”


for inquiries:
(049) 557 1250
or email us at :


Activities & Attraction

35 Years in the Making
A walking tour to the 17th century Franciscan stone church of Pakil. Its architectural design is reminiscent of the Corinthian and Ionic styles. The convent of the church house the hundreds of wardrobes of the Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Turumba , antiques and artifacts from the 17th century.
Inside the church are paintings of the Way of the Cross and other classic paintings. Hear what your local guide will say about the wood carved Crucified Lord – truly a treasure of the church along with the antique carving replica of the devil. In the church, you can venerate the miraculous Virgin of Turumba while you receive a piece of the Virgin’s Miraculous clothes.

Mountain Adventure
Find peaceful moments in the quiet solitude of the mountain terrain. The sights, sounds and smells of the wilderness are at your doorstep.
Safe, Guided, Gentle, Half day trail hike into the mountains.

Other Attractions

The Magic of Pakil !

Enjoy watching how a carver makes the unique kind of woodcraft the town of Pakil is known for. It just takes about 5 – 10 minutes , skillfull hands and a few carving tools to make an angel or a bird. Its distinct characteristics are the wood shavings shaped into wings of an angel or feathers of a bird.

 For Arts Sake
Visit the artistic quarters of Pakil’s best artist who is also known among the art enthusiasts here in the Philippines.

Life in the Barrio
Experience the life in the barrio. Enjoy yourself with a serving of bibingka and quench your thirst with fresh buco juice straight from the tree. All this while relaxing inside a native Bahay Kubo.

A Night of Serenade
After a sumptuous dinner, relax and enjoy listening to an evening of Harana Music. Old songs that our grandparents listened to when they were young.
       You’ll also get to listen to the lively sounds of band music featuring the local marching bands of the town.

Miracle Waters of Pakil
After your mountain hike to Ping-As, take a dip in the miraculous Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Turumba swimming pool. It would surely remain in your memory forever.


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