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Holy Week (Semana Santa)
Here are some of the Poons that are part of the procession held every Good Friday.


     During this time the Christians commemorate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here in Pakil there are different religious activities held the whole week. The main activity takes place on Good Friday where there is a procession that goes around the whole town with a fixed route that leads back to the church. At around 3 o' clock in the afternoon the people goes to the church for the procession.There are different statues or poons , what they are normally called, that makes up the procession.

Santo Entierro
People getting ready to carry the Santo Entierro before the procession.

    The biggest and the heaviest of them all is the Santo Entierro which houses the life size image of Christ. It takes about 20 people just to carry it.  Its like a casket but the sides are made of glass so you could see the  sculpture of Christ inside.leabul3e.gif (135 bytes)



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