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the turumba festival the turumba festival
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hw2.jpg (9578 bytes) Poons during the Holy Week hw3.jpg (33695 bytes)The saints at the main altar of the church. At the middle is the image of the Our Lady of Turumba hw5.jpg (53211 bytes)The Santo Entierro or "Señor". Inside is a life size image of Jesus Christ
hw6.jpg (69598 bytes)The Señor being decorated for the afternoon procession on Good Friday turumba1.gif (87769 bytes)The image of the Birhen de Turumba church.jpg (28341 bytes)The facade of the  Church of St. Peter de Alcantara today.
turumba2.gif (117638 bytes)An old photo of the Virgin in procession

turumba3.gif (156450 bytes)The image of the Turumba adorned with flowers.

christ.gif (113152 bytes)This is the life size image of christ that is placed inside the Santo Entierro during the Holy Week

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