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Church of Pakil

hw3.jpg (33695 bytes) The Church of Pakil was built in 1732 and was finished by 1767. The patron saint of the town is St. Peter of Alcantara, a franciscan monk.  The church which took 35 years to build is one of the jubilee churches in the Philippines. The church has 3 altars, the main altar and two at the sides infront. The altars contain images of different saints but I don't know all the name of the saints there. Some of the images found at the main altar is the Blessed Virgin of Turumba, the patron saint of Pakil and St. Micheal the Archangel.

    A lot of things can be seen inside the church , one of these is a life size image of Christ on the cross made from wood. Every Holy Week this image of Christ is lowered and is placed inside the Santo Entierro because the arms are movable.

    Some of the legends about this image said that a stranger presented himself to make the image. They said that he locked himself inside a room and after some time the room was silent and when they opened it they found the image finished but they coudn't find the sculptor*. leabul3e.gif (135 bytes)

Ahunan sa Ping-As
    If you would notice, the mountain beside the town has a big white cross at the top. Every year during the last Saturday of May, people from the town hike to the top of the mountain and attend mass there. They don't do it just for fun though, you see during the late 17th century a Franciscan priest by the name of P. Francisco Solier went up the mountain every year carrying a wooden cross on his shoulders to serve as his penitence. After he died the people erected a wooden cross at the top of the mountain to remember the sacrifices the priest did.
     So how did they came up with the name "Ping- As"? The word Ping-As originated from the Tagalog word "pingasan"  which  means "to get a piece of" when it is translated in English. And everytime the people reached the cross the would get a piece of the wood which they would carry back to their respective homes. 
     Today the cross is made of concrete, but there is a wooden cross that is blessed after the mass which the people take a piece of to bring to their homes.and they are currently cementing the trail up the mountain. There is a small chapel behind the cross where the mass is held.
     I've been hiking up the mountain since 10 years old and not that easy! Its very exhausting but when reach the top you'll be exhilarated. Why? Because the air is cool and the view is spectacular! You can see the whole Laguna de Bay and the nearby towns. After going down the mountain , its time to take a swim at the Turumba swimming pool!leabul3e.gif (135 bytes)

Turumba Swimming Pool
If you're planning to visit Pakil, be sure to pack some extra clothes! Your trip to Pakil will never be complete without taking a dip in the swimming pool. The water that runs through the pool comes from the mountain top. During the summer lots of people troop to the pool so they could cool off from the summer heat. the water is so clear that you could see the bottom of the pool! The people who visit the pool bring home water from the spring which they drink and some even use the water as cure for their ailment. Visitors are charged a minimal entrance fee to help maintain the pool, but its worth it!
leabul3e.gif (135 bytes)

Plaza Rizal & Plaza Adonay
hw7.jpg (53436 bytes)
The stage  that is used for social gatherings and for the comedia. The house with the flag if you could notice it, is Dan Dalena's house.

   Every year before every turumba, a comedia is held in Plaza Adonay located infront of the church. This is a play  that the people of Pakil do to entertain the visitors from other provinces that would join the Turumba the next day. The plaza also serves as the place for other activites such as social gatherings.leabul3e.gif (135 bytes)

Dan Dalena's House
     Dan Dalena is one of the best artist in the Philippines. Inside his house you could see his works and also the works of his children. Students from different schools in Manila  visit his house to see his famous works of art. leabul3e.gif (135 bytes)

Monte Real Terraces
      Monte Real Terraces is about a 15-20 minute walk from the church. It is built at the side of the mountain where you could see the Bay. You could stay overnight in one oftheir fine cottages and take a dip in their swimming pools. Their prices are very reasonable and affordable.leabul3e.gif (135 bytes)

E & R Handicrafts
At the edge of the town, you will find E&R Handicrafts. It is here where soft wood from the lanite, anlang and  malapapaya trees, which are mere weeds in the forest are shaped, whittled and carved into miniture decor items. As you roam around the makeshift showroom, an artisan begins to whittle on a stick of white wood. after 20 minutes or so he would have formed a delicate swan, a feathery bird or an angel.

* I read it from the book.. Ang mga Santo sa Mahal na Araw sa Pakil,Laguna by Vito,Iņigo Delia Rarela-Barcelona and Ma. Cynthia Rarela Macabasco


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